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Spiritual Parties and Events

Dawn Russell, Spiritual Butterfly


As well as one to one readings, I also offer spiritual parties and group bookings.

I am a Spiritual medium and clairvoyant psychic which means I connect with spirit and the Angels to bring you spiritual messages. I can also use Angel and other cards to give an overview of your life pathway. I do not use Tarot cards.

Parties or group sittings can be a great way of celebrating that special event or just an excuse to get friends together.   People are sometimes nervous about getting their first reading and a party or group is a good way of doing this in the comfort of your own home.

Readings can be on a one to one basis or in a group setting.

The Spiritual Stuff!

Some people have expressed concern or fear about having a spiritual party in their home.  I bless the space I work in by saying a prayer, using Reiki energy and sometimes will burn sage or incense to clear energy.  As a spirit medium I set strong intentions that I work in the love and light, or in the name of the divine or God energy.  I will close any gateways and your home will not have any extra spirits in when I leave (unless you have them in the cupboard in glass bottles!)  Seriously, when doing this work it is all about intention and I will always set the intention that the spirits leave the space when I have finished working.  Its all part of the service.  If you have any questions about this or energy clearance work, please contact me 07973384406 to discuss.

I can visit your home or event and offer the following:

Prices start from around £20 for a minimum of 20 minute reading.  This depends on where you are located (from roughly 20 mile radius of Shefford in Beds) and how many people you have in your group or party. The minimum is around 5 people and maximum 8.

If there are two of you and you are close to where I am located (Shefford), I offer 30 minutes readings for 2 people for £25 each (splitting an hour for 2 people).

I am able to offer group sittings for around £15 a person. These are not private readings and I cannot guarantee the length of the message each person will receive. It can be dependent on the group energy. The minimum for a group sitting is 5 people, maximum 8.

I am happy to travel to you for spiritual work, readings, clearing, Reiki or Reiki massage and can tailor a package for your needs. The cost will be dependent on how many people require a service and location. I cover the home counties (Herts, Beds, Bucks) and have traveled into Essex and London.

I am very excited to share that I now accept online bookings, using the button below

If you require a day or time not shown, please contact me on 07973384406 or email me and I will try accommodate your requirements.  (Subject to availability).

I am able to cater for parties of more than 8 people and have other professional readers who can join me to add that spiritual sparkle to your party or event. Please contact me to discuss this. Please note we are all insured and operate on a separate basis for insurance purposes.

Please note group readings will not be recorded.  I will try to give spiritual readings to all members of the group though this cannot be guaranteed in a group reading.  Readings will vary in length and spiritual readings will be given in front of the other party members.

Spiritual fun for you!

I am happy to discuss your requirements and tailor your party or event to your needs.  I can also include some fun activities for you to try, including feeling your own aura or chakra dowsing!

Booking Requirements

All parties will require a non refundable deposit of £10 a person on confirmation of the booking please. This can be paid via Paypal, card payment on the phone or by mobile number PayM.

These prices above are based on a 30 mile radius of Biggleswade.

For the personal readings, it works best if I am set up in a separate room.  Please tell me if you need me to bring a small table and a chair.  If the room is clean and tidy, it enables the spiritual energy to flow, a higher spiritual vibration to be achieved and better readings to be given.  I work solely in the light and will always bless the space before I work in your home.


Please do not hesitate to contact me to book your party or event today or if you have any questions about the work I do. I am contactable on 07973 384406 or email dawn@spiritual-butterfly.co.uk

Other Parties….

I also work with Diana Fensome of Astara Holistics as part of Psychic Touch.  We offer spiritual and holistic party plans in your home or at your event. Please visit Psychic Touch or contact me for more information.

I wish you love and blessings for your day.

Dawn Russell