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Clairvoyant Medium-ship & Psychic Readings

I am very excited to share that I now accept online bookings, using the button below to book spiritual readings and all my services.

If you require a day or time not shown, please contact me on 07973384406 or email me and I will try accommodate your requirements.  (Subject to room availability).

Please note that from 1st March 2018, face to face Psychic Mediumship readings will be £50 for an hour to reflect changes in costs.

What is a Clairvoyant Psychic or Medium?

In simple terms, a Clairvoyant Psychic is a channel or interpreter of energy. Clairvoyant means to see clearly. I see, hear sense and smell energies at a different level, having tuned my other senses to be aware of energy vibrations.  I am a spiritual translator or medium, middle person, in the same way people translate different languages.  My work is carried out with the highest intention and with love and light.

 What happens in a reading?

I offer a direct link to spirit and the spiritual energies for those wishing to receive information from the spirit realms.  Each reading is different because each person is individual.  Working with my spirit helpers, I am able to connect with your loved ones in the spiritual realms, provide proof of existence and loving guidance as it is given to me.   I may also connect with your spirit guide or guardian Angel in order to give you proof or guidance. As a Psychic, I link in with the energies of the person I am working with or reading for. On occasion I may use Angel Cards or other cards to tailor or personalise each reading. I do not use Tarot cards.

Readings can be given face to face in a private reading, in a group or at a party.  I also offer skype, telephone and email readings, please see the relevant pages regarding these.

Can I ask questions and receive answers?

Naturally, many people have questions about their own lives or a particular person they may wish to contact.  In my experience, the more open minded you can be and manage expectations (as with our lives) the easier the flow of energy will be. I am able to receive direct questions regarding particular situations and look into these. By connecting with the energy around a situation, I aim to shine a spiritual light to illuminate the pathway, empowering people to make their choice.

I am legally bound to say that I accept no responsibility or liability for personal choices following information given in a reading. One of the 7 spiritual principles of Spiritualism is personal responsibility and this is of great importance if we are to learn during this lifetime and move forward.

I do offer email readings where you can ask 3 questions and I will do my best to answer these using a Medium-ship, Psychic link or sometimes cards.  Please bear in mind that we sometimes do not get the answers we are seeking as it may be a learning experience for us and we need to learn from that experience.  Please see the cost section below for more details.

Trance Medium-ship

I am also a direct medium or trance communicator, with the support and guidance of my own guides and spiritual team. When appropriate,  I will channel guides or different frequency energy directly to bring guidance and love from the spirit or Angelic realms. These are at present spiritual messages from guides or vibrational energy for those people working spiritually. This will not happen if the person receiving the reading is unsure of this in any way, or if I do not feel it is correct for the person or myself.  This can be a deeply spiritual experience and also brings forth a deep healing energy for those able to receive it.  Again, this does not happen in every reading and will only take place if the person receiving the information is comfortable with this format of communication.

I do not channel peoples relatives directly, this communication is via my spiritual helpers.

I will write more about this in a separate page. If you are interested in Trance Mediumship, please contact me to discuss this.

Donations & Energy exchange

I offer readings in a variety of formats for the following donations:

These can be given in a number of different ways (see specific pages for details) the exchange or prices are as follows:

To celebrate the launch of my online booking, all hourly sessions receive 10% discount when booking online this October. 

Private face to face reading – 1 hour – £50

Distance readings via Skype, telephone – 1 hour – £45 .00

Distance readings via Skype, telephone – 30 minute – £30.00

Email reading (2 questions) – 30 minutes £30

Email reading (in depth / 3 questions) – 1 hour – £45

I accept payments via paypal, card (phone or face to face). I also accept PayM via my mobile number.  Cash and card payment is accepted for face to face and distance readings.  Payment in advance for  distance readings is appreciated. If you do no have Paypal or Paym, I also accept card payment on the phone or in person for face to face require full payment in advance via one of the above methods.

Please use the button below to book your appointment now or contact me on 07973384406 or email dawn@spiritual-butterfly.co.uk if you require an alternative time or day. I will do my best to accommodate you, subject to existing bookings and room availability.


Please visit distance readings page for more information or use the PayPal option below.  If you do not have your own Skype account, we can use Facebook.

Please note: if you are having a distance reading and wish to extend the time, the additional amount is payable immediately the reading finishes by card on the phone or skype. I will not extend the reading if you do not have a card with you or wish to pay later.

Please see my booking and cancellation policy below.

Distance Readings
Contact number and email add

Group Sittings / Parties and Events

Why not get together with friends and have a party evening. This is sometimes a cheaper and fun way of having a reading if you are new to spiritual readings or want a party with a difference.

I offer private readings of 30 minutes for £25 or a group reading for £15 each for minimum of 5 maximum 8 people.  These prices are subject to a 30 mile radius from my location near Biggleswade.  Please contact me to discuss your  party or event. It is also possible to offer group activities such as pendulum, meditation, chakra work or simple spiritual activities.

A deposit of £10 a person is required to hold your booking please.

I also work at a variety of events ranging from Psychic Fayre’s to Pamper Evenings.  Please contact me to discuss your event.

Gift vouchers are also available for that extra special gift at the prices above.  I am able to accept payment via PayPal and post your voucher.

 Booking and Cancellation Policy.

I hire space for client sessions, travel to the venue and choose to support myself with this work.   It is necessary for me to be very clear with you regarding the agreement you are entering into when you book a session with me.

My cancellation policy is minimum 24 hours’ notice please, via phone or text (07973384406). If you call, please leave a voicemail if I cannot answer.

In the event of a cancellation or change to your booking by you, the following charges will apply:-

24 hours’ notice or more – no charge. Deposit refundable.

Less than 24 notice but 1 hour prior to your appointment – £10 admin fee.

No notice given / missed appointment – Your deposit will be retained in full.

Please see Spiritual Butterfly, aftercare, booking and cancellation policy for more details.