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July 2013



The Angel and the Fox

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The Angel and the Fox

Many of my work colleagues know that I live and am passionate about the spiritual life.  During a conversation the other day, one of my friends at work shared a story about her six year old son.

Their cat is not the most nimble of creatures when it comes to catching birds and mice but sometimes enjoys, like many cats, presenting gifts to its owners.

The other day, they heard a tremendous banging on the cat flap which continued for sometime. After a while, the cat managed to drag through and present, a rather stiff squirrel which had evidently died sometime ago and already been buried by a fox for its dinner later on!

While obviously the cat was rather pleased with itself, the children were a bit upset. In order to resolve this, my friend took the squirrel out into the garden the following day, and gave the poor creature a proper burial. Receiving pride of place in one of the main flower beds, it was even given a cross made from lolly pop sticks to mark the grave.

The following morning my friend and the children were rather surprised to find that the flower bed had been completely obliterated leaving no sign of the squirrel. My friends little boy (not realising the fox had probably returned for its dinner) turned to his mum and , “Wow, the Angels really wanted that Squirrel mum, well done” and continued to eat his breakfast.

Shared with kind permission of Gemma M and Harrison.

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