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June 2013



Channelled Writing

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Dearest Children of Earth

We would speak to you today to bring you great messages of hope and positivity; for this is all around you, if you would allow yourselves to see it.

We speak to you of the changes currently taking place on your planet and the shift in the balance of power.  For as the energy shifts, so mankind’s fears lead him to struggle for power and control, but we do not wish to focus on this but instead on the solution, of which you are all part.

Never think my friends that you have no power over the events taking place on your planet today. For you have a great spiritual power, both within and all around you. We would speak of the light and love, both in and around you, the positivity which comes when you smile at another, the innocence of a child without fear, the unconditional love of the divine.

We would encourage you to simplify your lives and focus less on material possessions and more on the divine energy within and around you. A simple kind act of love can amplify this energy. Think of the love and peace you receive in your heart when you do a good deed in love.

Live a good life my friends, enjoy being in the light and living a good honest life.  Be true to yourself my friends but not at the cost of others. We would encourage you to take time to sit quietly or go for a walk.  Remove self from yourself my friends.  Turn off the mind, be in the moment and move away from worry of things done yesterday or things in tomorrow as yet unknown.

The love and peace is there for all to share my friends, not just the chosen few connected to the energies regularly. Take time to be, my friends.

We will leave you now my friends, in dearest love, light and blessings from the spiritual realms.

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