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April 2014



Reiki Healing

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My Reiki Journey.

I was very fortunate last night to be invited to a Reiki share organised by a good friend.  As a therapist and someone who gives a great deal to others, it is very important for me to take part in activities which nurture myself.  I greatly enjoyed the session and it started my mind thinking about my own journey with Reiki and energy healing in general.

My own healing journey started around 13 or more years ago whilst at a real turning point in my life.  I had recently discovered the Spiritualist church where I was to begin my spiritual journey. The first experience of energy or spiritual healing was so powerful, I had to be taken from the main room because of the emotional release I experienced but also because of the divine unconditional love which came to me which I had not experienced before in this lifetime.

In the following years, I studied and practiced hands on spiritual healing and progressed to become a full healer with the Home Counties Association of Spiritual Healers, which was a blessed part of my journey.reiki

I was aware of Reiki healing, had heard about the symbols and attunements etc.  I will be perfectly honest that I was very much a purist with regards to the spiritual healing and at the time, didn’t see the need to use Reiki and receive attunements. I was a healing snob, I am now much more open to all forms of healing I am pleased to say!

A dear friend, who is now my Reiki Master, is committed to Reiki and is a blessed part of my journey.  Over many years, she talked about Reiki many times and some years ago, I received my first attunement to the loving Reiki energy.  Over the years I have begun to work with Reiki and this year, finally received my Reiki Masters attunement in order to be able to share this blessed gift with others.

To begin to put into words and describe this energy is a challenge.  As my own Master quite rightly says, the only  limit to the use of Reiki is our own imagination. I greatly identify with this.

Reiki has so many uses and I have only begun to experiment in the last few years.  Reiki is sacred, not secret.  Each symbol carries with it a different energy vibration or frequency. Reiki energy balances, it cleanses, it clears and heals. Used in reverence it is tremendously powerful, but it is also exceedingly practical. It can be used to cleanse a room of old energy.  I try and remember each time I eat, to bless my food, the ground or sea it came from and all those people and animals that were involved in bringing it to my plate.  After all, our food travels great distances now; we do not always know what happens to it on the journey to our plate.  Another Reiki Master I know uses Reiki to charge a flagging car battery. The screen on my old mobile phone used to jam a lot, I used Reiki to unjam the screen, never failed. It can be used on plants, in our homes, the list is endless.

In Reiki 2, we receive and learn about the no time, no distance symbol. This brings a magnificent energy which can be used to send energy healing to our own or others pasts, to heal past situations. I have done this many times myself on previous situations.  We can also use this blessed energy to send distance healing to other people, with their permission.  I recently sent healing to a friend on the other side of the planet. The following day I asked him how he felt and told him what I had done.  He was surprised and said that he had received the best nights sleep he had in many years. During my Reiki 2 initiation, I sent healing to a family member using the distance symbol. She reported back to me that she had seen her Akashic records so I knew that past life healing had taken place for her. This demonstrates the very real power of Reiki.

Of course, one of the major uses of Reiki is simply connection and self healing to the blessed divine energy. On many occasions, I have given myself healing to help me drop off to sleep.

The different symbols and energy, can also be used in our dealings with others in our daily lives, to enhance our personal interactions. By bringing this harmonious energy in, we can set the intention of our interaction being for the highest good. It can also be used to enhance our spiritual protection, after all, we dont necessarily want to connect with everyones energy we meet, especially if we are working in a job with vulnerable people. This is not a criticism but simply my own experience that as a sensitive person, I sometimes pick up on others energy which I have a choice about today.

I come across many people in my daily life that have received Reiki Attunements and dont use it, perhaps not understanding its power.  As I sit here, I feel the presence of my spiritual inspirers. I am aware that Reiki and spiritual practice has a very real role to play in the healing of our planet today and the major global shifts which are taking place. Our blessed planet, humankind and all the other creatures we share this planet with, can only benefit from our connection to the loving divine energy’s and loving spiritual practice.  Reiki is an important part of this.

In accessing the peace for ourselves and others, the potential is there to bring peace to our planet.  Imagine the power if everyone had the intention of love and peace in the same moment?

I will leave you with that thought.
Thank you for taking the time to read this piece.

With Reiki Blessings for your day.

Dawn Russell
Usui Reiki Master.

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