Animal Reiki & Communication

Im really excited to share that I now offer Animal Reiki & Communication. Animals love Reiki energy and respond well to its calming, balancing energy. Reiki means universal energy and is channelled through myself to the recipient.  It is a gentle yet powerful energy which is intelligent, going where it is needed, in alignment with the souls journey. Regardless of their size, all animals can receive Reiki. I’ve given Reiki to Bumble Bees, Horses, Dogs, Rabbits and a cheeky Parrot. Im also able to communicate with most animals using my clairvoyant psychic abilities. This can be helpful to ascertain what is happening for them around a change in behavior or their thoughts or wishes around a topic.  

Like humans, Reiki can help animals with a range of mental, physical and spiritual conditions. Animals also have an energy system of chakras and aura which may become unbalanced. Reiki is restorative, balancing and also compliments conventional veterinary treatment.   Animals have emotions and can be affected by trauma and grief. They are also sensitive to what is going on around them and even subtle changes can make a difference in their behaviour and cause stress. Like us, this can result in physical illness.  Reiki can gently help to restore balance and well being in your animal. I work with domesticated and working animals as well as wildlife. 

Many people have a very strong relationship with their animal which can lead to an intertwining of energy between the animal and their human. The term Anthropomorphic is used to describe this closeness of bond and how we may humanise animals sometimes.  An animal may display certain traits, which may be the result of behaviours in the home or connections experienced between human and animal. This is may be reflected in the healing taking place in the animal, highlighting the needs of its human companions. An animal Reiki session includes a follow-up discussion on information I may pickup or something the animals tells me during its treatment. This may include information on the family and the animals environment and surroundings.

As part of my clairvoyant, psychic ability, I am also able to communicate with animals both here on the earth plane and also in the spirit world.  An animal may give me information during a Reiki session about its life.  I also offer a separate, shorter communication session over distance. This can be helpful to check in with an animal and what is happening with it.  

If you have a sick or injured animal which requires immediate medical treatment, please contact your vets in the first instance. 

I offer an initial discussion if you have any questions about Animal Reiki or communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07973 384406.

What Happens in a Session?

As with human Reiki, Animal Reiki and communication sessions can be given over distance or in person. This maybe over zoom or I can also work using a photograph of the animal. I can also visit your home or the place where the animal lives, a stable or premises.  (All face to face sessions are subject to Covid safety requirements and travel distance). It is best if the animal is in their own surroundings as they will be more relaxed and comfortable receiving the treatment.

Their human or a familiar person will need to be present whether I am working in person or over zoom or distance. If the session is in person, contact does not need to be physical or hands on.   The animal may prefer that there is no contact physically as the energy may be new to them. I always take my lead from the Animal and let them decide.

As with humans, permission must be obtained first.  I have come across animals who choose not to be healed. It is their choice and they will be able to express this to me.
The first session will include an initial treatment record which I will go through with you. This is the equivalent to a health and well being survey for the animal. This may take some time so the initial session will be a bit longer which is reflected in my pricing. This will cover the animals behavior as well as its living conditions and situation.

I may start and finish the treatment by dowsing the animals chakra system using a crystal pendulum. This is done in a non invasive way. The term chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. Dowsing their energy system  gives an initial indication of any points where Reiki or balancing is required.

As an indication subsequent appointments will be roughly one hour. The animal will always tell me when they have had enough or if I can get closer and have physical contact with them.

The animal may have energy shifts or releases during their sessions in the same way that my human clients may. In animals, this may take the form of snorts or other verbal sounds. They may also swallow, pass wind, urinate, evacuate their bowels, have stomach gurgles or rumbles. These are all very acceptable and show that the energy is moving. It is helpful if the animals human present is aware of this as it may just be the animal releasing toxins or shifting energy.  

Following a Reiki treatment, the animal may need to rest. It should be given access to plenty of water.  Naturally, the animals human is responsible for seeking veterinary care where required.


Distance sessions can be booked directly using the book now button.

The initial session will be 1.5 hours to allow for completion of paperwork.

Following sessions maybe shorter and charged at a lower rate, provided they are booked within 3 months of the initial session.

Prices for in person treatments depend on location, travelling time and distance.  For distances over 20 miles, please contact me on 07973384406 or email at to discuss this.

I also offer discounts for block bookings, please contact me to discuss this.

Should you want to try animal Reiki for your animal though are finding things tough financially, please contact me to discuss this. I may be able to help in genuine circumstances. Please bear in mind that my work is my sole source of income. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: For any services requiring visits to clients homes or a location away from Biggleswade, there will now be an additional charge to cover my travel costs please.  This will be charged at 0.45 pence per mile travelled outside of Biggleswade. This is in line with recent increases in petrol costs. This will be calculated according to postal code on google maps and payable on booking as part of the booking fee please. Thank you for your connection and understanding. 

Animal Reiki and Communication

Available in person or distance sessions.
£ 35 from, per hour
  • 1.5 hour distance initial treatment - £40
  • 1 hour distance subsequent treatment - £35
  • 1.5 hour in person initial session - £55 (within 20 miles Biggleswade)
  • 1 hour in person session - £45 (within 20 miles Biggleswade)
  • 20 minute animal communication session -£20
  • Distance sessions payable in full on booking please. Booking fee required for face to face sessions please.


I accept payment by cash, card and paypal. I am able to accept payments over the phone or by paypal for deposits and advance payments. For distance readings, payment is required at the time of booking your slot.

Please note: if you are having a distance reading and wish to extend the time, the additional amount is payable immediatelythe reading finishes by card on the phone or skype. I will not extend the reading if you do not have a card with you or wish to pay later.

PLEASE NOTE: For any services requiring visits to clients homes or a location away from Biggleswade, there will now be an additional charge to cover my travel costs please.  This will be charged at 0.45 pence per mile travelled outside of Biggleswade. This is in line with recent increases in petrol costs. This will be calculated according to postal code on google maps and payable on booking as part of the booking fee please. Thank you for your connection and understanding. 

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Thank you for visiting my site. I am blessed to offer you my spiritual connection. These terms and conditions protect you the client and my work.
All bookings require a deposit at the time of booking please to enable me to plan my diary. I also hire space for my work so have associated costs. Deposits are normally paid on the booking system at the time of booking by paypal. If you do not have paypal, I also accept card payment on the phone or will accept bank transfer. 

Please contact me on 07973 384 406 for details on bank transfer.

Party bookings and home blessings require a deposit at the time of booking, on agreement of a date. No bookings will be held without a deposit.
For face to face sessions I accept Cash, Card or paypal. Payment is required prior to or on completion of your session please.

My bookings are now all online, this allows me to schedule my diary and provides email and text appointment reminders. You will receive a booking email and confirmation by email. Please check your spam or junk if you do not see it. It is the clients responsibility to manage bookings and diary these please.  You can do this by using the amend button on your booking confirmation and choosing an alternative day.
All appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice of change or cancellation please. The full 24 hours notice allows me to reschedule your appointment and your deposit will remain valid. In the event of an emergency, please give me as much notice as possible.
If I do not receive any communication regarding a change or cancellation and arrive at the venue, no deposit will be refunded by myself as I travel and incur room hire costs.  In the event of distance sessions, the same notice period applied please as I have to plan my day and another client may have benefited from the slot.
Naturally there maybe some circumstances ie emergencies where you maybe unable to attend an appointment. Please give me as much notice as possible and I will do my best to accommodate you. 2 hours notice is appreciated in these circumstances if possible please. Please text me on 07973384406 or call and leave a voicemail.
In the event of needing to cancel your booking myself, I will give you as much notice as possible. This will be a minimum of 24 hours notice. In the event we are unable to re-book for any reason or cannot agree a suitable alternative date, of course any deposit is fully refundable.

Distance sessions require 24 hours notice to change of booking please. I will do my best to accommodate any changes. If we are unable to find a suitable alternative a full refund will of course be provided.

Workshops, Reiki Attunements and classes.
Classes and workshops require a minimum of 72 hours notice if you are unable to attend please. This allows me to advertise your space and someone else to benefit from the session. If you arrive at a class and I feel it is not appropriate for you to enter the class or group (based on ill health, emotional well being and safety of yourself or other group members),  I may not be able to provide a refund.  Classes incur preparation costs, for example printing costs for manuals, purchase of refreshments, venue hire and other items. If I have already made preparations for the class or event you are attending, I may not be able to refund your deposit. In the event of last minute cancellations beyond your control, please let me know and we can discuss whether it is possible to transfer your class booking to a future event or date. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please do still let me know so that I am aware you are not coming. This allows the rest of the class to start on-time. Thank you.  It is currently a requirement that everyone attending an in person class or group completes a Covid lateral flow test a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event please. Thank you.