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July 2013



Angelic Assistance

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Help from the Angels

Like many people, I sometimes a struggle to get through to my GP surgery and book an appointment when I need one. So, when I needed an appointment with a specific Doctor urgently, I asked the Angels for some help.
Picking up the phone and sending a thought out to my heavenly helpers, I dialed the number, bracing myself for the engaged tone….
“Hello appointments, how can I help you?” Straight through first time.
Explaining to the receptionist that I wanted to see a specific GP but was working that day, I waited for what I thought was the inevitable response of being fully booked….
Gratitude to my heavenly helpers washed over me as I was told that there was one appointment remaining, at exactly the right time for me.
Angelic assistance works if we ask for it!

While creating this post, my friends in the spiritual realms would like me to add a footnote to my post above.

They are always there for us and cannot intervene in some situations unless we ask for their help (and this is important), give our permission for them to step in and provide assistance. This is in line with our free will and our ability to self govern and make our own choices.

That is not to say that they can take over and live our lives for us. This is also a very important point.  Sometimes we may ask for help or pray for a particular outcome and wonder why things aren’t happening.  This is often very simply because we need to learn something from a given situation and they cannot intervene. We wont learn anything if we are not able to take responsibility for the choices we make in life.

They will of course shower us with blessings, healing, strength and their unconditional divine love.  They also wish to share and remind us that our own thoughts also play a large part in these situations, as thought energy is very powerful.  If we dont believe we are worthy of the best in life or the love that we can have for ourselves, or receive from the divine realms, this can block the blessings coming to us.

If in doubt ask, always ask. If its right, it will happen.

With loving blessings.


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