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June 2013



Acts of Kindness

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Spiritual Sunday

I love to speak to people and hear their stories, again, while shopping, I got chatting to the shop assistant at the till while she scanned my groceries… The woman told me how she had found a £5 note on the floor outside but that she felt she couldn’t keep it and had given it to charity. My thought was that this was very generous, and in my mind, I thought that I don’t know if I could have done the same!  I pointed out to her that maybe this was the universe giving her a little extra… whereby she replied “yes, but that week I got a tax rebate for over £1,000”! Naturally I congratulated her and thought, good for her.

Leaving the store, I was struck by this very simple demonstration of giving and receiving. By donating the money to charity in an act of kindness, the universe had rewarded her with a much larger amount.  We are always told that what we give comes back to us multiplied; to me this is a perfect demonstration of this simple but valuable principal in life.

Imagine if we were all able (and I include myself in this!) to truly give from our hearts a larger percentage of the time, without the thought for personal gain.  Imagine if we were all able to give more of our love, time and energy without the ego considering the transaction up front.

When we are able to truly give from the heart with love, it is said that our aura glows and light shines from us. I think this is the positive feeling or glow, we receive when we do that good deed.

Conversely, I do believe that negative actions also receive consequences. What is in some cultures known as Karmic Law, or cause and effect will also return the energy we put out into the universe.

On that note, I wish you divine Love and abundant blessings!

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