My Spiritual Journey

My name is Dawn Russell and I am a Clairvoyant Medium, Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman and Spiritual teacher. The way I channel the energy depends on your needs and how I am guided to work by spirit, the Angels and the divine energy. As a child I was very aware that there was more to life than our earthly eyes showed us. As a teenager I had a spiritual experience which saved my life.
18 years ago I was introduced to spiritualism and healing in the spiritual churches. I was shown my pathway in a dream which one year later manifested into reality. I have been blessed to have some amazing teachers both earthly and in spirit. Sitting regularly in development circles and other groups, has taught me how to use my gift safely. It is like breathing to me and I quickly began to give messages and work on the platform in the spiritual churches. I am passionate about this way of life and am blessed to offer this my gift to you on a full time basis.

I believe everyone has this gift, we simply need to listen in the right way. My own journey has shown me that energy is all around us; it is our own focus which influences what we attract. We are all awakening to consciousness, each of us finding our divine light. I work with many frequencies of energy in different ways to help you find your own insight, answers and healing. I do not claim to heal and never take responsibility for clients choices and decisions. Each of us must walk our own pathway and learn our own lessons. I am a divine channel here to help you shine a light on your pathway and facilitate your own healing and growth. I offer my experience, tools and connection as a spiritual channel for your own journey in whatever form that takes. Please take the time to look around this site for more information regarding my spiritual connection and how it can help you. There are also some lovely testimonials as well as workshops and opportunities for you to learn more about the many aspects of your own spiritual journey and strengthen your own connection. Please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form. You can also book your session directly using the book now button.

With blessings of Love and light, Dawn & Spirit xxx