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I am not currently offering face to face readings, Reiki or Workshops though I have extended my distance Readings, Reiki and workshops.

Please see below for more information on each of my distance offerings and how they can help you.

Spiritual Butterfly

Distance Clairvoyant Readings, Spiritual development & Reiki.

It is now more important than ever to stay connected to the light, Spirit and the Angels for peace of mind, insight and healing.
The great news is that energy travels and I have been working over distance for many years.
I am able to connect with you, your spirit family and helpers over any distance for spiritual connection and insight. I also offer my spiritual connection to help you in these changing times with healing and meditation.
This can be a relaxing Reiki treatment in the comfort of your home or a guided meditation to help you relax.
I will also shortly be offering online group meditation and spiritual development. Please contact me for more details or to express your interest.
I am also now offering bespoke readings for your business or working life with Psychic Business Services. 
Wishing you and your family blessings for a happy, healthy and peaceful day.
Online Meditation & Development Group

Online Meditation & Spiritual Awareness fortnightly Tuesdays from 31.3.20 7:30pm

Join me every other Tuesday from 31st at 7:30pm for online meditation and spiritual awareness via Zoom. 

The Angels and Spirit have asked me to hold space and offer an online group.  The Angels in particular want to connect with everyone and raise the vibration at the moment.

I will be guiding you through simple meditations with the Angels and Spirit. During these times of change with the Corona virus,  it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves. As we meditate and relax, our immune system is strengthened. Fear, stress and anxiety  lower our immunity, so its a great time to start  or continue meditation.

Distance Clairvoyant Readings

I offer Clairvoyant Mediumship & Psychic Readings over Skype, Zoom, Facebook, telephone or email. These readings can be enjoyed over any distance including overseas in English. I am able to connect with your spirit family and your own energy to bring you insight, and reassurance during these shifting times. The good news is that spirit aren’t doing social distancing!

Allow me to connect with your spirit family to provide loving proof and guidance. Prices range from £20 for 20 minutes to £45 for the hour.

All distance sessions require full payment on booking please. Should you wish to extend your session, the additional amount is payable by card on completion please. Skype, zoom and Facebook readings can be recorded. For telephone readings I will ask you to call a landline, details on booking. Email readings in either typed or recorded format. Recorded will be in windows media player which is not compatible with all devices.

Distance Reiki & Tuition

  • 30 minute Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £20
  • 40 minute Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £30
  • 1 Hour Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £40
  • Distance Reiki / Tuition - 30 min - £20
  • Distance Reiki / Tuition - 1 hour - £40
  • Book x4, 30min distance Reiki or Tuition sessions - £95
  • Book x3, 60min distance Reiki or tuition sessions - £110
  • All Distance sessions require payment on booking please.

Distance Reiki Healing Treatments

£ 40 per hour
  • Relax and receive balancing healing Reiki
  • 30 minutes distance Reiki £25
  • 1 hour distance Reiki £40
  • Deposit is required on booking please
I will need a photograph of you (only you if possible please), your full name, dob and your location to establish a Reiki connection with you.
I will need you to provide  this before our session.
We will discuss your health survey in a short telephone consultation prior to starting the distance Reiki. You will then relax in a chair or be laying down comfortably at home, free from any distractions. I will transmit the healing.  It is also possible to use Reiki to target specific events or times in your life or past lives. This transmutes the energy, changing the impact it has on your life today. Please contact me to discuss how this may help you.

Distance Reiki

It is now more important than ever to stay calm, centered and healthy.  Reiki and meditation are 2 powerful ways to care for ourselves.  These are available over any distance.
Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing bringing balance to mind, body and spirit. We do not have to be in contact for you to benefit. It is enjoyable and relaxing, can help with sleep, anxiety, pain and physical healing on all levels. You only need to be open to receive. The energy will work with you in the way that is best for you.
I will need you to complete a health and well-being survey below, before our session.

Distance Meditation & Spiritual Development

I am blessed to offer you peaceful guided meditation or spiritual development tuition over distance. This can be a powerful way to find your own light and truth.  This can range from simple mediation or spiritual energy management techniques. I will link with my spiritual team who will tell me what you need. These sessions can be used to clear energy from your aura and chakras, to cut ties to situations or people and much more. Perhaps you are very sensitive to spirit and want to learn how to work with your gift or ability. By linking with your guides and helpers, the session will be tailored to your specific needs. The session will be recorded for you to continue to use. 
Book Reiki or Meditation per session or in a course to benefit from a discount. 
Distance Reiki, Meditation & Spiritual Development Prices
30 minutes – £25
1 hour £40
Block booking 4 x 30 minutes £95 or 3 x 1 hour £110
All distance sessions require full advance payment please. Booking terms and conditions apply. 

Distance Reiki & Tuition

  • 30 minute Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £20
  • 40 minute Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £30
  • 1 Hour Email, Skype or Telephone reading – £40
  • Distance Reiki / Tuition - 30 min - £20
  • Distance Reiki / Tuition - 1 hour - £40
  • Book x4, 30min distance Reiki or Tuition sessions - £95
  • Book x3, 60min distance Reiki or tuition sessions - £110
  • All Distance sessions require payment on booking please.

Psychic Business Services

  • 20 minutes - £20
  • 30 minutes - £30
  • 40 minutes - £35
  • 60 minutes - £45
  • These sessions are also offered via Skype, Zoom, Telephone or Email
Please note: I am unable to take legal responsibility for any decisions made following a reading, particularly with regards to legal or financial outcomes. The sitter or client retains all legal responsibility for any decisions taken following consultation. I am legally required to state that my services are for entertainment purposes.
Business Psychic

Psychic Business Services

Intuitive Consultancy bringing insight to your business or working life.

For over 15 years I have been offering spiritual readings; a common thread often coming through being our working or business life. Using my psychic clairvoyant abilities, I am able to connect with all manner of businesses and employment situations over any distance including internationally.

My spiritual connection can be exceedingly insightful in a number of ways and I am now offering distance readings tailored specifically to your working and business life. These are offered by Zoom, Skype, phone or email in English. 
Using my clairvoyance, I am able to see / feel the dynamics in your business or working life and can help shine a light on your professional pathway using my strong intuitive ability. I may use Angel or Shamanic Animal cards to bring further clarity if needed.
  I will see a current situation, giving you confirmation of my connection and then move forward to make possible suggestions regarding the pathway in front of you. 

Spiritual Butterfly

Group Meditation Tuition & Development Classes

I am currently planning regular group meditation classes via zoom or similar for groups of around 10 people. 

These will range from simple relaxing guided meditations to energy clearing and more.

Please contact me using any of the methods below

Connect, Nurture, Inspire

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