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June 2013



Intuition (inner tuition)

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Whilst I was shopping in the supermarket the other day, the young lady behind the till was freaked out or scared by her own intuition. She had thought of a friend and then that friend appeared. I gently explained that this was her intuition (inner tuition or inner knowing) and that it was a very natural part of her own self. So many of us have become disconnected from our inner light or intuition, the simple part of us which is more powerful than the mind, if we nurture it. She was scared of her own power and thought it was freaky. I understand this. On many occasions before finding my own divine energy and gifts, I found this powerful energy strange, simply because I was not used to it.

So many of us have become wrapped up in our daily lives, paying the bills, running the house, caring for others, worrying about what other people think, in the head worrying, the constant cycle of worry about the past and the future.

If we can pause….. in our day and take a moment to enjoy (IN –JOY) the positive loving energy of this moment, that is all around us, it can only be of benefit to us.  Whether in Mother Nature, in a garden, woodland or on a beach. It may be found sitting in meditation, or spending time doing something we enjoy, Yoga or exercise, Tia chi or via creativity, drawing, writing, making music. I like Salsa dancing and walking in the fields myself! By bringing ourselves into this moment, enjoy (INJOY) of the present moment, connecting with our physical bodies and taking that attention away from the mind, we can all find that inner quiet for which we long. The benefits that this can bring are amazing.

Engaging more with the present moment, we increase our health and well being, our sleep will improve, worry less, we will actually be more able to deal with life and all these things that we worry about dealing with. Sounds simple doesn’t it.

So why don’t more of us put the action in and prioritise taking more time out to nurture ourselves and in particular the spiritual side of ourselves? Spirituality or religion has had a negative press in the previous decades. The mind itself or ego (edging god out) does not want us to find peace and be in the moment. For the mind to stop thinking, means to death to the ego and the endless stream of thoughts; so the mind cannot continue to recreate itself and the fear it breeds. Mankind or person kind has become increasingly caught up with obtaining items outside of ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with having a nice home or car but we seek to distract from the now, the peace of the present moment by losing ourselves in the quest for the external. Better relationships, some people choose substances or food to distract them, the list is endless. The point is we lose ourselves in the external search.  The whole point is that we have become so detached from our inner spirit that anything which is nurturing is alien to some of us. Outside of us.

By surrendering to that positive energy, we hand over all of our worries; we hand over all of our thoughts, and this like anything, grows like a seed. As we plant that first seed and have that first experience of the now, so we become, more embracing of these blessed moments.

Like many things, the more we do it, the easier it becomes, like breathing itself. (This is also a very good way of bringing ourselves into this moment). The moment we embrace this process, the more engaged we become with life. The more we see the beauty in ourselves, our inner strength, our inner light, our inner God or Goddess, the beauty which shines within every single one of us. The more we embrace this light or intuition, the lighter we will become which can only benefit us in every area of our lives.

So my challenge to you my friend (strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet) is to take time out today and give yourself and your mind a break. Pause, now, yes now. As you read this, sit back and take a deep, slow breath in through your nose right to the pit of your stomach and hold it for a couple of seconds. Now s-l-o-w-l-y release it through your mouth, breathing out all the air, cleansing your lungs. Do this a couple more times. Feel your shoulders drop, feel your muscles relax and let that tension go. Now you are in the present. Isn’t it great?

Wasn’t that simple? How could you benefit from doing that and just watching your breathing for a few minutes each morning when you get up or a few minutes when you go to bed? I bet your day would improve and so would your sleep, if you really put the action in and give yourself permission to access the blessed power of this present moment.

With love, light and blessings for your day my friends.


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