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January 2014



Unseen Forces

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Close to where I live are large wind turbines. While returning home recently, I caught a glimpse of them turning in the wind and marveled at the power of the wind turning these huge structures.  As I drove, my mind wandered and I thought about how we cannot see energy such as electricity and wind but sense them in a different way to viewing them with our earthly eyes.

This got me thinking about how many people do not understand the work I do and sometimes refuse to entertain the idea of healing energy, spiritual existence or our own divine spirit within each and every one of us.   It is only when the energy of wind moves a tree or turbine, or the electricity comes into our homes and powers our lights or computer, that we can see this unseen force and accept that it is there. Indeed, by feeling and sensing the wind on our face and the light in our eyes, we know it is there, we are open to this type of energy.

Visible energy

Visible energy

Naturally our human minds seek to make sense of the world around us. Our mind or ego can seeks to comprehend and control these forces out of our own fear of feeling small and insignificant. The primitive being in all of us wants to protect ourselves against what we cannot see and control in order to minmise harm to ourselves.

So, it is very understandable then, when we start talking about spiritual power, our auras, chakras, spiritual beings such as Angels and spirits, people become confused and start to dismis what they cannot see or comprehend with their rational mind.  Our minds are a creation of our experiences so unless we have experienced something, it is likely we may not be able to comprehend this.

It is only when we are able to sense, feel, see or hear energy that we are able to open our minds and believe that it may be possible that this very real spiritual power, within and around all of us, is real and exists.  We need a translator or a way to sense, feel this power.

This is where people like myself come in. As channels for this wonderful divine energy, we are able to help people see, experience, sense, feel, this very real healing and nurturing energy.

It is not however, limited to people like myself, light workers, priests of organised religions. This energy is openly and indeed freely available to each and every person on our planet. By taking time to connect with this energy (and there are so many ways to access this wonderful power in ourselves), we can really make a difference to our own lives and those around us. By raising our own energy vibration in Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Quong, Reiki, Music, Creativity, to name a few, we can have a real positive effect on our own energy and therefore our own mental and emotional, physical and spiritual health.

In taking time to connect with the positive loving energy within and around us all, we become more centered and healthy in all ways. Worth opening our mind and senses to isn’t it?

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