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December 2014



My TV just broke!

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Well actually its just the set top box so the engineer is on his way in a few days. While reporting it, the gentleman on the phone apologised for it breaking down on New Year Eve! Laughing, I said to him, its OK, its just the universe suggesting I do something else!

I am a big believer that nothing happens by coincidence… Being New Years Eve, I have been invited to friends. As its cold, I was considering staying in…

I may be a light worker and a divine channel but I am also human and like to watch some TV.  Even I enjoy some distraction from the present moment, perfect I am not! Particularly at mealtimes… I have been aware for sometime that this is a pattern I would like to change.  So it appears that the universe, my spiritual helpers may be giving me some encouragement!

Now where are those books…

May your day and the coming year be abundant with positive things, blessed be.


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