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August 2013



The Flow…

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Dearest Friends

We would speak to you today of energy, that is to say not light and dark but of energy which flows all around you. The divine beautiful energy is all around and within each and every one of you.  In order to channel and move energy effectively, we must simply be open to the flow. We say ‘we’ as a group of souls or like minded beings who wish to help both the one who writes and the rest of mankind.

To stay in the flow, simply stay in the moment, in order to receive the blessings and the abundance of life, stay in this moment. We know this is said often but the mind so often wanders in the past or the future. Stay in this moment, stay in the flow, this cannot be said or practiced often enough.

Concentrate intently on the now and allow the rest of time and the beings in it to, take care of themselves.
Try to practice this my friends.  Take advantage of and accept, each moment today and see what blessings the day brings.

With much love, light and blessings.

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