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September 2014



Spiritual Butterfly Walks

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I was out in the fields earlier, connecting with nature. I am very fortunate to live in a rural location and be able to access the countryside so easily. It grounds my energy and calms my mind. While walking today, I took a short cut and found myself walking across a very wild field with long grass!
Stumbling along, I found myself asking, why did I come this way as the path had disappeared and it was quite hard work going through this uncut wild grass!
The similarity with our daily life struck me and the pathways we walk on our journey as we move through this earthly existence. Trust, there is a purpose to everything, came to me.

Going with the flow..

Going with the flow..

Sometimes we only see the next step in front of us, today’s part of the journey. It is up to us to simply move through what we can see today and trust that we have everything we need for today and the path we can see ahead.
Likewise, when the terrain becomes hard work; when life throws us a curve ball or learning experience in our pathway, we need to sometimes stand still and assess which direction to take before moving forward. What is there to be learned in this situation?
As I type this, I am reminded of the need to be centered before moving forwards, to care for ourselves as we go on our life’s journey.
Sometimes the resistance to our journey, to growth or change is that which brings fear and uncertainty. In attempting to stay centered (I say this as someone who is also still learning these things!) we can move towards acceptance and flow with the changes in our lives. I believe that the Budda once said, the only thing constant is change. If we are able to accept the change around us, then we can find more peace, while balancing our own needs with the needs of others.

Some food for thought!
With blessings for your day.

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