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June 2013



Meditation Tuition

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Perhaps the most important spiritual service I am able to offer is meditation tuition. Learning to meditate myself has been vastly rewarding and it is of great help to me at balancing and maintaining my own well-being. I have sat in various groups myself and also taught in groups and on a one to one basis for over 10 years.

By learning simple techniques to relax our bodies and quieten the mind, relief is given from stress, worry and repeating thought patterns.  Relaxing the mind, we also benefit the physical body, help sleep patterns and encourage health in many ways.

There are many techniques which I have learned and it is these that I seek to share with you in order to help you maintain your own balance.

What is Meditation?

So what is meditation?  As I hinted above, it is the process of going within, of allowing the mind to be quiet, finding that inner peace. We are all searching and the very thing we are searching for is actually inside / around all of us.  Through some basic techniques, we can all access this peace within ourselves.

Meditation has been practiced by people of all faiths and back grounds for thousands of years.  Having said this, there is absolutely no requirement for you to have a faith or belief system in order to benefit from mediation.   There are some very practical benefits to slowing down and giving ourselves time to reflect and find that inner peace of this present moment.   Through mediation, you may begin to find your own spirituality though this a journey which is personal to yourself.  As a spiritual person, I am open to all faiths and enjoy learning from many different teachings myself.

How Can Meditation benefit me?

In very practical terms, the body and the mind can only benefit from taking ourselves into a quiet space for what can be a short space of time. Meditation is like many things, done little and often, it will pay huge dividends. It only takes a little time each day or week, though the more time you are able to put in, the better you will feel.

Our minds can worry about what we did yesterday or looking forwards into tomorrow.  It is good to reflect on the past or plan for the future, though when these thought patterns take over our lives, it can have negative effects.  We find ourselves unable to sleep.  We are distracted whilst carrying out tasks such as driving. We are not present when spending time with friends or family.  I am sure you can identify with at least one of these.  By learning to meditate, we become more aware of these patterns and are able to be more present and peaceful.

What does it involve?

To get the most from meditation, you need to be physically comfortable so you may wish to wear loose clothing. I normally meditate sitting on a chair though some people are more comfortable sitting or lying on the floor. I offer different formats, including a weekly group or one to one tuition.  I can help you find some simple methods in order to relax and find that peace.

Now available, Free 15 minute relaxation meditation on this website; visit Free Relaxation Meditation to enjoy a very simple guided meditation.

During a session, I guide you through different techniques verbally, to help you physically and mentally relax. It does not matter whether you have done this before or are returning to meditation. The techniques I offer are simple and available to anyone.  These include body awareness, breathing, and techniques to balance your own chakras. In the group, I link in with my Guides or Teachers and Channel meditations or journeys.  This is a spiritual development group though also teaches fantastic techniques for balancing our energy bodies and working with our Chakras.

I look forward to working with you. Please read the testimonials below from members of my meditation group.


“I have been attending Dawn’s meditation group on a weekly basis for 7 months. My reasons for attending was to increase my spiritual knowledge and awareness.  I have become aware of how spiritual and psychic I am and through this group, these senses are becoming stronger.   Dawns meditation group is in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you can unwind, cleanse your Chakras, meditate and connect spiritual beings.


Afterwards I always feel uplifted and relaxed”.  KG March 2013


“Fantastic night last night, I was able to give a mini reading! I was buzzing afterwards!” WC 2013

Please contact me to discuss the group or one to one tuition.  I offer reasonable rates for both.

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