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May 2017



Meditation and Spiritual Awareness

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Meditation and Spiritual Development

Join me this year and develop your spirituality. I am holding 3 beautiful days this summer for you to learn some tools to help enhance your life.

Starting with Level 1, learn simple meditation and other tools to help enhance your life (cleansing your energy and your home, grounding, chakra work).

Level 2 Intermediate for those who have some understanding of psychic ability and their own intuition. Connection to the Spiritual and Angelic Realms.

Level 3 or Advanced for people wishing to develop their medium-ship and psychic ability to a deeper level. Learn about deeper connection and how to structure messages.

Please contact me via email or call 07973384406 to book or to discuss your understanding and which day(s) are suitable for you.

Exchange for each day is £40 please. Only £20 deposit now and £20 on the day.

 Receive a discount and book 2 days for £70 or all 3 for £105. Deposit payable via paypal on paypal.me/dawnspiritbutterfly or call me to pay by card. Mobile Paym payments also accepted.

 Booking terms and conditions will apply, details on booking.  Payment via installment for multiple days accepted.

3 Levels of Spiritual Awareness for you!

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