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June 2013



Free Relaxation Audio

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Welcome to this recorded online meditation. This is a very simple meditation or relaxation exercise which is suitable for anyone, of any level of understanding of meditation. This guided relaxation session is 15 minutes long and is best enjoyed away from any distractions of telephones or other people. You can enjoy this sitting comfortably in a chair or laying down. This can be used to help with stress of everyday life or with exams. It can also be used to help you sleep or prepare for your day.

Simple Relaxation

Please enjoy this free of charge with my blessing. If you do enjoy this and would like to make a donation, it is gratefully appreciated.

Enjoyed this meditation? Like to know more or develop more meditation techniques? I offer one to one tuition fortnightly development and meditation group as well as regular workshops. See Meditation Tuition for more information or contact me 07973384406  if you have any questions regarding this session or meditation in general.

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