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October 2013



Energy For Change

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Dearest ones

We would speak to you of the energy of change and allowing yourselves to flow with the energy in your hearts.  The mind seeks to dominate your existence, some of you have already found an awareness around this energy, though there is always energy for positive change to be found in the heart.2013-03-13 13.40.25-1(1)

If we would open our hearts as well as our minds friends, mankind would find the changes that they desire would come to fruition.  By allow the mind to quieten in mediation or calmness, we are able to access the love and forgiveness in our hearts, which is the only energy of change.

Move forward now little ones, allow your mind to quieten and move into the new age with confidence in the love of your hearts.
By allowing ourselves to be guided by the love and humility in our hearts, only positive change can come.  For when our motive is love, coupled with humility, we are joined with our creator in beautiful creative loving flow.

With loving blessings for your day.

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