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July 2013



Divine Simplicity

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Dearest Children of Earth

We come to you with great blessings and love for the human race.

We see many struggles taking place on your planet and we would again remind you of your own power which you hold deep inside of you. We speak of the divine seed or spark which sits in every man, woman and child. For some of you reading this it will seem obvious and straightforward. For others you will recognise it but not wish to acknowledge it.

Many people on your planet today are engaged so strongly with the human mind, ego and fear; you will not be able to comprehend the glorious unconditional love which is there for you in every given moment. This is what is meant by “the answer you seek lies within” which is a common spiritual statement for many spiritual people who have been incarnate on your planet. These people know the truth my friends.

By connecting with this light on a regular basis, your health, mind and body, not to mention your complete life, can only benefit. This is what is meant when we speak of meditation or spiritual practice. Do not worry, it is not required that you devote and change your entire life to this. A simple practice such as a quiet walk, meditation, yoga or anything which quietens the mind, will help you.  By doing this, you  will not only help yourselves greatly my friends but also that of your fellow humans and Mother Earth itself.

The answer is often simpler than the question we ask.
With many blessings for your day.

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