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October 2013



Divine Mother

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Greetings Friends
We would speak again of Mother Earth, the beautiful creatures upon her and the attitude of your governments and business people, for they are not the only ones with power in this matter. We would encourage mankind, people everywhere, to realise the impact we are having on the planet. We say we because everyone has impact, so everyone can make a change.2013-09-26 14.51.39

We would speak to you of global warming but also of human kinds use of land and resources.  For there have been positive shifts, though we would encourage more thought about daily activities and using your voice.

Do not think it is everyone else’s responsibility; if we want the beautiful creatures on the earth to remain, we must all play a part and become more aware of our actions within the environment.  Use your voice to encourage change, speak of the changes you make. Can you share a journey, use less packaging? As human kind demands and consumes more, so do the governments and businesses respond to this. The people of this beautiful planet must take responsibility for their actions.

Always think with your hearts and not with your head my friends.

With our love, light and blessings.

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