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December 2013



Christmas Blessings

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We of the spiritual realms come to you, man kind on earth at this blessed time.

As you spend you day with family and friends, enjoying your day, we would ask you to send out a simple thought or connect with the divine energy around you.

Enjoy –  In Joy.

The energies are much heightened at this time of year and we would shower the earth and all upon it, with blessings of peace and love. During your special celebration, take a moment, pause and give simple thanks for all you have.  For these are the thoughts and actions which will create the peace on earth.

Pause, just now my friends, for a moment and give thanks for the food, the family, the abundance around you. It may not be  financial, it may be a simple meal, your health, the warm dry roof over your head; but in this simple act of gratitude, you multiply the beautiful divine energy and bring increased levels of harmony for yourselves and mankind. In turn my friends, this spreads throughout the galaxies.

Receive the love and light in this moment, as you read this passage, in this divine moment, allow the love and harmony of this moment, to move through you, taking away your doubt and fears. Be at peace my child.

Enjoy your blessed day my friends.
May peace prevail in your hearts, minds and soul today and spread amongst all those you meet.
With loving blessings
Your friends in the light xx

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