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October 2015



Can we out-smart Mother Nature?

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Although I dont have many vices or distractions, I do still enjoy some television. However, when the adverts come on I become a channel hopper. There is one particular advertisement campaign which bothers me not because of the product on sale but for the messages it sends out.

Going with the flow..

Going with the flow.

Picture the scheme, the beautiful young woman is on the bus having fun or at a rock concert.. Suddenly a cantankerous old woman supposedly mother nature, appears with a pink box and tells the young woman its her time of the month. The young woman rejects the old woman telling her that she has a product which will allow her to continue her life unaffected by having her period.
The old woman is thrown to the side, thwarted in her attempt to spoil the fun.
Now I am a modern woman, I know that life does not stop when I have my period, we have chosen to have responsibilities and full lives. In our many of our cultures today, we do not go into a period of confinement when we menstruate.
For sometime I have been uncomfortable with the imagery in this advert. The portrayal of mother nature showing up when she is not wanted might be a little true; however is it reinforcing negative stereotypes around the power and beauty of our own bodies?  Does this campaign disconnect us from our bodies and life’s cycles; the cycles of nature and the divine mother? By making the older woman unwelcome, does it also reinforce the stereotype that the wisdom of being an older woman is non existent? In making her something that we reject, do we send the message into the minds of women subconsciously that it is not acceptable to be a woman?  That somehow, in order to be successful and powerful in our societies, we must reject our femininity?

In some cultures, tribal and ancient, the power and wisdom of the Crone was revered. She was often the shaman or witch, the medicine woman in touch with her power whom was consulted by others. I do not class myself as a feminist, however I am comfortable with my power as a woman some of the time. As a race we do live in some very yang or male dominated societies. Money, power action and male energy have been dominant on our planet for a very long time. It is time now for the feminine power to be reclaimed. Many are already aware of this and the power of the Goddess. The need for nurturing and balance between the masculine and feminine to be redressed.
For myself, this campaign seems to portray a message of disassociation with the creative power of being a woman and the blessing that brings. It almost portrays the message that its not OK to have a period, that the creative power of being a woman is not acceptable or required. Of course there are thousands, millions of people who are conscious and able to see through the message behind the advertising. There are many who are aware and many are waking up to connect with their connection to the Divine Mother, Goddess, our beautiful Gaia. This is the invitation in this new age, the ascension or whichever reality you choose. It is now a very necessary choice for us to reconnect with our femininity, our creative power in both sexes and as a race as a whole if we are to move forward from the  past..

With abundant blessings …

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