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May 2014



Channeled Healing Address to Humankind 03.05.2014

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Hello Friend

Below is a channeled piece I received from energy over the weekend.  They do not wish to be identified individually, suffice to say that they’re sole purpose is to assist us both personally and globally at this time of great change on our planet.

The word great is a slight play on words. For the change is great in the aspect of its size and significance at this time. It is also a great change in the meaning of how magnificent the ascension and shift in our personal and global systems are and need to be at this time.

This channeled message also contains a healing vibration, so if you are able to listen without distraction and sit back comfortably, you will also receive healing as you are listening to this message. Do not listen with expectation my friends, simply be open to a shift in energy, whether conscious or not.

It is in MP3 format, simply click on the link below.  Please enjoy this message with love and blessings for your day.




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